Remove Fleas From Your Home...

$5 by Penny in Atkinson, 5 hours ago
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Remove Fleas From Your Home... in Camp Lejeune
Remove Fleas From Your Home... in Camp Lejeune
Remove Fleas From Your Home... in Camp Lejeune
Remove Fleas From Your Home... in Camp Lejeune
Remove Fleas From Your Home... in Camp Lejeune

Purchase from your vet or online (which is probably cheaper) a can of Virbac "Knockout" which appears to be the very best room treatment we've ever found. Follow directions (empty the room of pets, food and water bowls) and after it dries in a couple of hours, ALL the fleas and their eggs will be dead.

Go to Wal Mart or any grocery store and purchase a box of "20 Mule Team Borax Laundry Booster" by Arm & Hammer...cost is approx. $5.00...plus a package of flea medicine (Advantage II is good...Advantix is ONLY for dogs). NEVER any by Hartz as too many cases of toxicity (affects the nervous system and may kill your pet).

Follow the directions for each room to be treated... remove pets, cover fish tanks, remove food and water bowls and put a towel at the bottom of the door to keep the mist in the room. Spray the mist and when dry and the room ventilated, use the laundry booster...

It's non-toxic, will not harm pets or children and contains Borax which is the same stuff "flea treatment" services sprinkle into your carpeting to kill fleas and their eggs.

Fleas spend 90% of their time hiding in the carpet, floor cracks, baseboards, etc. and only get on your pets to feed. The Borax kills them and their eggs, breaking the cycle of them reproducing.

Sprinkle it EVERYWHERE your pet goes, broom it into the carpeting and do not vacuum for 3 days. It's worked for us for over 30 years and WAY cheaper way to go. Also.... moth "flakes" will quickly eliminate the worst infestation (don't use moth balls...too stinky) and broom them into the carpeting, same as the Borax. Not advisable if you have small children crawling about.

Apply the dog or cat flea medicine to each animal as directed on the package (NEVER use Hartz products). Do not use any product meant for a dog on a cat or you'll end up with a dead kitty.

Follow these three steps and you'll be rid of fleas for a fraction of the cost of a "professional".

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