Marine Security Officer

$TBD by Cornelius in Beulaville, Mar 04
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Marine Security Officer Billets open for all states in the country due to the increase of work requests for maintenance, management, and security. The following is a list of minimum qualifications:
Must be able to manage private property, do general cleaning and maintenance, and security for private property to owner or tenant.
• Male or female
• Active duty, reserve, prior military, retired, or civilian
• 21-64 years of age
• Must be within Marine Standards. Clean criminal background, medically qualified, height, weight, pass annual PFT (Physical Fitness Test). Annual rifle, pistol, shotgun qualified marksman.
• Salary is based on your estimates. Work full or part time. You can even be a volunteer.
• Will be working as entrepreneur self employed from referrals and website ads
• Sometimes work undercover as a body guard, driver, chauffeur, waiter, waitress, maid, butler, janitor, tenant, roommate, or maintenance person.
• Must have own general mechanics tool box, painters kit and ladders, carpet steam cleaner, lawn mower, weedeater, leaf blower, chainsaw, hand dolly, cleaning supplies, trailer to move and haul items, power washer, and generator to take care of general cleaning and repairs of private property.
• Security Officer Badge, handgun, shotgun, rifle, bullet proof vest, and concealed handgun permit
• BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training) or UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice)
• Self defense or martial arts training
• Yellow lights, siren, and 40 channel CB radio for vehicle
• 40 channel handheld CB radio
• Body camera, vehicle dash cam, personal computer with internet and email
• Help out and assist to take on another Security Officer’s duties temporarily for a few weeks or months until they return for duty
• Have property management skills, and real estate forms to help and assist renting or selling property by owner
• Must be able to do move in/out clean rooms in a house
• Must be able to paint rooms under 16 feet
• Must be able to steam clean carpets
• Must be able to power wash 1 story houses
• Must be able to mow and weedwack a yard
• Must be able to remove small trees, and brush from property
• Must be able to pickup and help owner move furniture and personal items
• Must be able to perform daily security checks at property locations
• Must be able to install security cameras and home alarm systems as needed
• Must be able to keep accurate files and security log entries
• Must have good communication skills
• Must be able to pass urinalysis drug screening test
• Put together, organize, monitor and supervise a neighborhood security watch program
• Work with and assist local law enforcement agencies as needed
> Willing to train the right person. See pic on craigslist.org community volunteers
TAD (Temporary Additional Duty) and overseas assignments sometimes available.
Screening applicants and assistance is available by Jim Miller 910-441-9615 or cjmiljr@yahoo.com

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