This is Bindi’s Grace

$many many hearts by Sacred Foundations in Lejeune, 3 days ago
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This is Bindi’s Grace in Camp Lejeune
This is Bindi’s Grace in Camp Lejeune
This is Bindi’s Grace in Camp Lejeune
This is Bindi’s Grace in Camp Lejeune

I often wonder how you could be so heartless. And when I find out you have put yourself above your very own flesh and blood children I can see how you wouldn’t really care about the animals you have hurt, and their owners along the way, along with their heartbroken children. You also flagged all my post on Craigslist even when I made a new account, anything about bindi grace was immediately flagged because you didn’t want me to find her. You thought I didn’t know about you, or who you were the day you actually had the audacity to call me and tell me about someone selling my dog, but I knew who you were and I already had your number, I didn’t answer at first because I took the time to pray and ask for guidance. And my guidance was what I heard in your voice. A deceitful deceptive heartless person, trying to divert the heat from off of you, but I knew, we all knew, and yet I held my tongue in order to really listen to what you were saying, to see how the story matched up from others, and not to tell you what I really thought of you, because in my anger I could have been just as heartless toward you as you are and have been toward my dog and my family. I hope one day you will find a real job, and not a snatching puppy job that will get ur current bills paid, I pray that one day you will seek repentance. I’m the meantime I must forgive you every morning, and every time my heart breaks. In the meantime the God I know that is bigger than you, I have to trust to bring my baby home, in the meantime I have to hold my children and encourage them to believe bindi is still coming home, in the meantime we all have to hurt, because of your selfishness. You could have just given her back, but you refuse to. And others pick up all the pieces while you have no consequences. I hope if you did sell her she is with someone that is taking care of her, and she is not eaten up with worms and parvo like your other puppies. I pray you didn’t dump her somewhere out in the cold and sick, when you could have just given her back to her family, how easy it would have been to just give her back. But you refuse to take that route because all you care about is yourself. I am praying for you though I don’t think you want it. I know by your fruits you may not be close to God, and even though my heart hurts and I am angry about my dog, I know in the end your very soul is more important. You can stop flagging my post, cause they r gonna go back up

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