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T-Mobile has a very tempting plan out for Military and veterans called Military One. Don't take the bait, they have very few towers in the area. I've hunted through the towers site and checked the cell tower lease search and can only find a single tower for this area.

If you do happen to sign up for their service and get a lot of dropped calls or generally poor reception I can assure you they will not be willing to let you go without making you pay for it.

My wife and I went to T-Mobile to take advantage of this offer as I am a Disabled Veteran and qualified for the plan. We didn't want new phones, we just wanted the opportunity for better service at a lower price than is offered by the other carriers. Their coverage map showed LTE service around our home area in Stella. Fair signal they called it, with limited coverage indoors. This was fine by me as long as we could make phone calls. The data around the house wasn't a big deal because we have wifi. The coverage was great around Jacksonville, but the moment we left the area we lost coverage. Not just LTE, everything. No network. When we did get network it was labeled EDGE and had little to no data. At our home where there were "verified" signal spots all around us, we had nothing. We had nothing for at least a mile, then we'd pick up an EDGE network and lose it just as quick. I had to drive almost five miles from my home to receive a stable enough signal to get text messages and make phone calls. After expressing this concern to the store they suggested our phones (Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3) could be the issue. I reluctantly signed up for new Galaxy S9 phones for both my wife and me. I never opened my wife's phone. It stayed in the box, sealed. As I drove home to give my wife her shiny new phone that should fix all our issues, the phone call I made to a friend as a test of the service dropped in exactly the same place it had with my Note 3. The signal was the same as before, everywhere. To top it off, the wifi calling I was told we could use even if we didn't have signal, failed to connect every time. I followed all the instructions I found online to resolve this issue, but nothing worked. I put the SIM back in my old phone and promptly returned the phones and transferred my numbers back to my old carrier, paying the activation fees for my old carrier. When I explained my experience to the manager he told me "I don't believe that for a minute". When I told him I didn't have these issues with my old carrier (Total Wireless a Verizon MVNO) he told me "Now I know that isn't true at all because Total Wireless only uses 20% of Verizon's towers". The man called me a liar twice in front his employee and other customers in the store. After this I was told I had to pay a $50 restocking fee per phone. Yes even the phone that was sealed in the box, never having been removed or touched since it was packaged. The manager told me "I can't do anything about that, call customer support, maybe they can work some magic". Customer support was no help, simply sending me back to the store to attempt to work it out with the manager...again. Now here I sit with a bill for $10 from T-Mobile for the 200MB of data that I used and the handful of phone calls and texts that I was able to make when I was in town.

I flushed $110 down the drain plus reactivation fees for my old carrier in an attempt to get service with T-Mobile. Save yourself the time and money, don't go to T-Mobile.

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