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$ Cheap by Cornelius in Beulaville, Jul 01
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1 Dress blue cover white size 7 (no frame) $3.00
1 Alpha barracks cover green size 7 (no frame) $3.00
2 pair dress blue white gloves large $3.00 ea
1 dress blue white belt $3.00
1 Box black EGA small (7) $3.00
8 Metal black MSgt chevrons $6.00
6 Metal black GySgt chevrons $5.00
4 Gold GySgt chevrons $4.00
1 Package assorted ribbon bar holders $3.00
6 Desert cammie name tapes (Miller) $1.00
3 Recruiter name tags (Miller) $1.00
2 Desert cammie trouser Med Long $20.00 ea
2 Desert cammie blouse Large Long $20.00 ea
3 sets regular brass dress blue buttons $10.00 set
1 set dress blue GySgt chevrons $5.00
1 set dress blue 4 hash marks $4.00
1 Overcoat 44L $20.00
1 Green wooly pully size 44 $15.00
1 Blue wooly pulley size 44 $20.00
1 Alpha piss cover size 7 small $5.00
1 set alpha blouse GySgt chevrons $5.00
1 set alpha blouse 4 hash marks $4.00
3 Dress blue trousers with blood stripe 36L $20.00 ea
1 Creighton regular tie, 1 clip on $5.00
1 Short sleeve shirt Creighton size 17 neck large with MSgt chevrons $30.00
1 Short sleeve shirt Creighton size 17 neck large new in package $50.00
3 Short sleeve shirt regular size 17 neck large $5.00 ea
3 Short sleeve shirt regular size 17 neck large with GySgt chevrons $10.00 ea
3 Long sleeve Flying Cross size 17x35 with GySgt chevrons $30.00 ea
2 Long sleeve shirt regular size 17x35 large $5.00 ea
24 kaki dress shirt GySgt chevrons $2.00 ea
5 Lg Marine T-shirts black new $3.00 ea
5 Marine baseball caps new $3.00 ea
16 USMC 4 inch stickers $2.00 ea
4 USMC computer mouse pads $2.00 ea
31 black USMC sport neck key holder strap with quick release $2.00 ea
5 red USMC sport neck key holder strap with quick release $2.00 ea
4 brown USMC desk pens $2.00 ea
Call 910-441-9615 or email for picture.

Moving? Buying? Renting? Selling? Tenant problems? Need help with management, cleaning, and repairs? I can help you rent your house or sell by owner. I do the following:
1. Manage tenants for 5% rent.
2. Clean all rooms, appliances, bathrooms, ceiling fans, windows, cabinets, vacuum carpets, and mop floors for $250.
3. Fix & repair (by estimate) you provide the materials. I will take care of nuts, bolts, screws & washers.
4. Paint rooms (ceiling, 4 walls, trim, and baseboards) $200 per average size room. Smaller rooms are cheaper. I use primer and paint mix. I will take care of paint, drop cloth, masking tape, brushes & rollers.
5. Steam clean carpets $30 per average size room. I use a Bissell steam cleaner with lemon fresh cleaning solution.
6. Power wash houses $100 for double wide & $50 for single wide. You provide electric & water outlets. (1 story homes only)
7. $60 to move and haul items/ Haul off debris/trash and dispose one truck load one way in Onslow County. $150 for a 6x16 open box trailer. (No roof shingles or fire pits). You pay dump/landfill fee if needed.
8. Chop down trees and haul away by estimate. (Not near the house or structures).
9. Mowing and weedwack $40 for half acre and under. I will blow off steps and driveways.
10. Weekly security check of property. Check all doors, windows, and outside area. Owner will receive a text of results. $100 per month or included with management fees until property is sold or rented.
11. Armed Security Officer on property $15 per hour.
12. Train Security Officers - Coastal Community College Course (BLET)
13. Clients pay ½ up front for big jobs. The other ½ pay when job completed and owner satisfied.
Serving all of Onslow County and surrounding areas. Call Jim 910-441-9615 or email cjmiljr@yahoo.com for estimate and work request.

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